About Us

Sam’s Body Boutique owner


Hi. I’m Samarah Sarpong.

Or Sam for short. I’m the owner of Sam’s Body Boutique. Like many women, I know the struggle of finding the right product for your sensitive skin. 

From a very young age, I dealt with eczema. I tried everything to take care of my skin. From supermarkets to high-street stores, I purchased every skincare product. This only led to more irritated skin and a bin of failed products.

When I was fourteen years old, I made my first body scrub using natural oils and other ingredients. It was everything I ever needed; skincare made with natural, safe ingredients. My irritated skin vanished and a newfound love for natural skincare was born.

Four years ago, I launched Sam’s Body Boutique, a black-owned cosmetics brand based in London- offering natural alternatives to popular skincare in today’s market.

Here at Sam’s Body Boutique, we source natural and often organic skin-loving ingredients. Not only do our products make you look good, they also make you feel good.

Don’t forget to check out Sam’s Journal if you want to learn more about me, my skincare struggles and the story behind each product.