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Oil Cleansing 101

Oil Cleansing 101
Thinking about adding oil cleansing to your daily skincare routine? Oil cleansing can sound frightening and especially for people already struggling with oily skin. Done properly, oil cleansing can normally be used on any skin type with success and once you try it you may be hooked! What is oil cleansing and how does it work? Check out our latest blog to find out!

Our 6 Top Tips For Keeping Your Skin Looking Fabulous This Winter

Our 6 Top Tips For Keeping Your Skin Looking Fabulous This Winter
Here are our best tips for keeping your skin looking fresh and radiant this winter...

Why You Should Be Using A Microfiber Flannel!

Sam’s Body Boutique Soft Microfiber Flannels
Microfiber Flannels gently exfoliate the facial skin. Microfiber can gently remove more dirt and bacteria from the face when compared with regular cotton flannels. Because it’s such a gentle, facial exfoliator it’s great for sensitive and acne prone skin...

Our 8 Top Summer Skincare Tips

Our 8 Top Summer Skincare Tips
We all love summer. Many of us are in such a rush to get out and enjoy the summer sun that we have, that we sometimes forget to follow essential skincare steps. Here are our 8 top tips for this summer...

A Quick Look at Preservatives

Let’s take a quick look at preservatives, their ingredients and their uses.

Why You Should Choose Natural Skincare Products

Why are natural skincare products so popular? Blog post

Why should you choose natural products?

Natural cosmetics are becoming more and more popular. People are making the conscious decision to switch to natural products. Find out Why...